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Tissue Microarrays

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Biokart India

We provide the complete range of the following Sanger DNA sequencing services:

- PCR Product Sequencing Services
- Plasmid / BAC Sequencing Services
- Purification Services (PCR & Plasmid)
- Extraction Services
- Microbial Identification Services
- Microsatellite selection & Analysis
- Custom PCR & Sequencing Services
- Custom Oligonucleotide synthesis

End to END PCR & Sequencing Services - From extraction, DNA Dilution, Primer Design, Oligo Synthesis & DNA Amplification, Purification to DNA Sequencing - we handle all your requirements


DNA Sequencing by Biokart India Pvt Ltd - Experience the real service

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Why choose our services:

- Fastest Turn Around Time ever provided by any company in India
- Economical Pricing with the Best quality results
- 24/7 customer care
- Sample pick ups as per your convenience
- No minimum number of samples
- Highly Experienced Scientists

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