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We at Biokart India use advanced and latest technologies in sample processing from Nucleic acid Extraction to Informatics. We also provide customized support & analysis to tailor the needs. We make sure that your research is in safe & well-trained hands from the very beginning.

COVID-19 (SARS COV-2) Genome sequencing

We are pleased to be involved in sequencing of COVID-19 genomes in Bihar. IGIMS (Indira Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences) recognised the expertise of Biokart India in Microbial Genomics and chose us to be a part of their COVID-19 genome sequencing programme. IGIMS intends to sequence 1000s of COVID-19 genomes to understand the existing and emerging mutations in COVID-19 genome.

Biokart India thanks all our mentors, friends, family and team in making this initiative successful.

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